Supernatural: Beach to Bush, exhibition of abstract landscape paintings

Supernatural: Beach to Bush is an exhibition of abstract landscape paintings inspired by the diverse natural beauty of our local region.

For her inaugural exhibition, Tamborine Mountain visual artist and author, Christine Sharp, has created a suite of atmospheric works, mostly large oil-on-linen paintings, evoking impressions and memories of being in nature, with colours and marks reminiscent of sunset skies, sandy shores, bushland and forests.

Launching as part of the exhibition is Sharp’s new book of the same name – Supernatural: Beach to Bush. The book contemplates the extraordinary natural beauty of the Gold Coast and hinterland. An independently produced publication, Supernatural is a photographic journey to some spectacular locations, guided by conversations with locals about their favourite natural places, and includes images of paintings created as part of an ongoing artistic practice exploring our connection with nature and sense of place. Featuring written contributions from thirteen Gold Coast locals, the book is personal, reflective, and deeply connected to place.

 “We not only need nature, we are nature. Aqueous beings. Water in our cells, our bones. Atoms in our bodies that were once in plants, animals, minerals. Stars. Us in nature; nature in us. We’re one. I’m delighted to invite people to experience a deeper connection to south-east Queensland, a place I love and find daily inspiration, through the book and exhibition.” Christine Sharp

Christine Sharp’s studio and artistic practice is based in south-east Queensland’s most coveted, and recently identified most liveable small town* in Queensland, Tamborine Mountain. It is part of the contemporary North Stores arts precinct, located on Main Street, North Tamborine. The precinct opened in 2021, during the COVID-19 border closures. Despite the challenges COVID-19 presented, the North Stores cultural precinct has been a gamechanger for Tamborine Mountain, featuring world-class food by renowned chef, Brenda Fawdon and sustainable design by Sonja Drexler.

Supernatural: Beach to Bush exhibition dates: 1 April–14 May 2023, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 3pm
Address: Christine Sharp Studio + Stockroom at North Stores, 3/46 Main Street, North Tamborine

The 112-page, full colour, soft-cover book is available to purchase from Christine’s studio or visit here 
The project is supported by a grant from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.