Revolutionary new travel platform set to change the way you book!

Last week marked a milestone moment for the Australian travel industry with the official launch of the revolutionary new online travel portal,!

In a huge tech-coup for the Gold Coast, Tourism Leader and Entrepreneur Graeme Hollonds, officially unveiled the groundbreaking online travel agency at a slick event held at HOTA, Home of the Arts with over 150 business leaders, tourism and hospitality honchos and media in attendance.

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The radical new platform is penned as one of the nation’s largest travel disrupters, offering a unique search algorithm unlike anything the Australian tourism sector has seen.

Three years in the making, JumpOn now invites travellers to rethink the way they book travel.

Unlike the current online travel heavyweights which list accommodation and attractions based on destination, price, daily deals, packages or commission structure, JumpOn features a distinctive neutral listing which allows for the search to be completely customisable based on the customer’s travel preferences.

The innovative new platform poses just one simple question – “What do you want to be close to?”

And, the possibilities are endless!

Customers can select numerous things to be close to from beaches, day spas, wineries, adventure tours and more!

Then, based on those results, in one single platform – JumpOn will suggest a destination AND the accommodation providers that are the closest to what they are searching for. They will even suggest more attractions, events and tours that are close by!

“It’s really exciting because customers now have the opportunity to discover places they might never have thought of”,says JumpOn Founder Graeme Hollonds. “In that sense, JumpOn will become a part of the planning phase or ‘dreaming phase’ for holiday makers and not just the means to an end”.

The JumpOn booking platform also offers significant advantages to accommodation providers. Not only will the unique neutral listing and search algorithm “I want to be close to” allow for a greater variety of hotels and apartments to be found, JumpOn also offers some of the lowest commissions in the industry at a flat 10% (compared to the industry standard of 15 – 30% per booking).

Graeme says: “We’re putting an end to the price war and getting back to what really counts – customer service and a unique selling proposition. It’s a chance for accommodation providers to really stand out and for travellers to choose their own adventure.”

So, what do you want to be close to? Rethink the way you book at

gcVIP put JumpOn to the test!

I want to be close to…a Nude Beach, Wineries + Festivals!

Ok, ok, don’t judge!

Turns out you can search pretty much anything on JumpOn that you’d like to be close to on your next holiday, including some pretty spectacular Nudie beaches!

Get nude in Noosa at Alexandria Bay or strip down to your birthday suit at Sydney’s Cobblers Bay.

The pick of the bunch however, has to the Maslin Nude Beach just south of Adelaide – one of Australia’s longest standing nudist beaches! Stretching three kilometres on a cliff-lined recreation reserve, Maslin’s Beach is quite the picture. It’s also home to the annual Nude Olympics including a three-legged race and judging of the ‘best bum’!

JumpOn also revealed that Maslin is just minutes away from some of South Australia’s best wineries AND some brilliant upcoming events in the coming months including a Supernova Comic Con, KISS Concert, Wine Machine Festival and FOMO Music Festival! There’s also a swag of great places to stay!

I want to be close to…Nature + Adventure!

From the awe-inspiring jagged cliffs and ocean vistas of Cape Pillar on Tasmania’s Tasman Peninsula to the pearly whites and blues of Fraser Islands iconic Lake McKenzie, there are a host of spectacular naturespots dotted around the country to choose from!

However, it’s the unusual natural setting and artisticflairof Paronella Park in northern Queensland and the mystical human-tree sculptures of Victoria’s William Ricketts Sanctuary that have peaked our interest!Both locations offer extraordinary scenery, waterfalls, hiking trails and national parks – so you can either relax and reconnect with nature or get involved with loads of adventures on offer including mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing and more! Whatever you decide, there will be a comfy bed waiting for you at the end of each day with plenty of quaint places to stay – and all less than an hour from the nearest CBD of Cairns or Melbourne. 

What do you want to be close to?