Reality is suspect when you enter the ASYLUM…

So leave your sanity at the door!

Reinventing the late-night experience in Surfers Paradise, the industrial doors at Queensland’s most exhilarating new nightclub, ASYLUM, are set to swing open early December 2019.

A refuge for errant psyches and wayward types, all are welcome to the ASYLUM – just be sure to leave your sanity at the door!

Following a staggering $2M redevelopment of the Gold Coast’s most iconic and longest running nightlife destination, Shooters Surfers Paradise, it is time for the next evolution of the venue.

The edgy new asylum-themed nightclub at Orchid Avenue is set to challenge the late-night status quo on every level, delivering a truly immersive nightclub experience unlike anything the Gold Coast has ever experienced.

Let’s just say that this is one madhouse you won’t mind being admitted to!

ASYLUM will deliver an addictive assault on the senses, melding high intensity commercial dance music with an electric clinical decor and edgy industrial bars.

Drop your inhibitions and delve into the mesmerizing lights and peculiar sights at every turn which are sure to confuse, delight and intrigue…

And your hosts for the evening, well don’t be afraid, for you are in safe hands. Masters of controlled chaos – are they doctors, fellow patients or simply a figment of your imagination? Either way they are the ASYLUM!

The official launch party for ASYLUM is penned for Friday 6th December 2019. To get on the VIP guest list, email

You are released!