MEDIA RELEASE, Tuesday 16th July, 2019

Harness Your Inner Author

Writers Invited to HOTA – Free Artist Salon Event

How do you get your story ready to publish, or ready for the stage or screen? A career in writing can take many forms – it can be diverse and exciting, and take place individually or collaboratively, with audiences and readers engaging in different ways.

August’s Artist Salon meeting will bring together people working in different writing spaces – writing for readers, for performance, or interactive experience. Speakers will unpack the ways in which a writer can get their work from the computer screen or notebook and out into the world.

This is an open invitation event for any writers and their friends on the Gold Coast to attend and make new networks, collaborators and friends. The purpose is really to maintain an ongoing critical conversation about being a working artist. Each salon session will be slightly different not only in focus but in format.

Thursday, 8th Aug 2019 @ HOTA